Attention Video Marketers...

Dear Video Marketer,

Jason X here, and I'm here today to bring you a solution to the struggle you've been facing.

Let me paint the scene...

  • You have video creation down. You know exactly what to do to create great videos, whether that be manually or with a software.
  • The videos you have done for people look great and people are happy with the service you provide.

But there's a problem...

  • No Coding Skills

    You are NOT a coder, so unable to setup a custom website to sell your videos?

  • Low on Budget

    You do not have a HUGE budget to invest in a professional website to help sell your videos.

  • Stuck with Freebie

    You're running off of a 'run-of-the-mill' freebie template that is HARMING your business more than it's helping.

Look... I get it.

I've worked with many, many marketers that had their service locked down.

They had a natural talent for their work – and were confident... but they just couldn't sell it.
Nine times out of ten, this was due to the fact their website, quite frankly, sucked.

And when you're starting out? You just don't have the thousands of dollars it costs to invest in a developer to create you're website for you.

And that's where I come in...

For the last 5 years – I've been working hard and have created a highly successful marketing agency.

  • I'm the developer the guru's turn too when they have problems.
  • I'm the guy, behind the scenes, that's created many of the top selling templates and themes you've probably seen.
  • I'm the creator of theme rabbit and underground masterminds.

And put simply... I know how to make AMAZING websites that convert.

And that's EXACTLY why I'm here today.

So without any further ado.



'VidHIT' is an AMAZING WordPress theme I've put together to allow video marketers, like you, to sell their videos for a premium with just a few simple clicks.

This amazing premium wordpress theme is highly customizable and its jam packed full of amazing features that are going to allow you to EXPLODE your video marketing business.

Check out this quick Video  

9 Reasons to Get VidHit


    With the click of a button your entire website comes alive. All pages including the done-for-you portfolio will be completely setup for you with 1-click.

  2. 100% Mobile Friendly

    Mobile is quickly becoming the number #1 way people search and buy on the web. This Theme is 100% mobile friendly to ensure you don't lose out on any business.

  3. No programing required

    You don't have to be a Harvard level IT student to customize this theme. With a simple drag and drop platform, you'll have your customized website up in no time at all!

  4. List Integration

    Building your list is VITAL for your businesses success, which is why we have integrated the most popular autoresponder services in order to make this the easiest way for you to generate leads.

  5. PopUp Lead Capture

    Capture leads before they leave.

  6. World Class Agency Design

    My design team is responsible for some beautiful websites, and this one is no different.

  7. 1-Click PayPal Integration

    Simple 1 click paypal integration allows you to start making money instantly.

  8. Step-By-Step Documentation

    I don't want anyone to 'get lost' in the process which is why I've included high quality, easy to follow guides to show you how everything works!

  9. Done-For-you Portfolio

    Done-For-You Video Portfolio – I have put together 3 amazing 'done-for-you' videos in the most popular niches that are going to allow you to kick start your way to a profitable video marketing business!


Built-In Packages Page

Inside you'll find pre-built packages
that allow you to easily split your pricing into
three levels, accept PayPal payments and add more money to YOUR bank

Get Quote Pop-up

Pop up's are a GREAT way at grabbing your
visitors attention. This professionally designed
quote form is the perfect addition to any website
and will blow your conversions through the roof.

Portfolio Template

An important part of any business is showing
previous results in a professional manner and
this portfolio template will allow you to do just

Services Template

An overview of everything you offer is a great
thing to have if your potential customers are
busy... which a lot of them will be. This simple
page has the ability to make or break your
business and that's why we have thrown
everything we have at making this the BEST it
can possibly be.

Contact Template

A good point of contact is vital to keep a
professional image and allow potential
customers to get in contact with you to send
you their order. This page is simple, yet allows
you to input all your information in an easy to
follow format.

About Template

An about us is VITAL to let your customers know
your company's mission statement and why they
should choose you over the competitors. This
page has amazing functionality to let you show
exactly what you're good at and why they should
pick YOU.

Testimonials Template

Much like the portfolio, previous customers
feedback is a great conversion tool that is
underused by many businesses. This page will
allow you to show potential new clients why
they should choose you by showing them the
great work you've done for others like them in
the past.

Blog Template

Keeping a blog is vital for keeping your site
up-to-date and SEO friendly. We wanted to
make this as easy as possible which is why
everything is laid out and formatted perfectly
meaning all you have to do is input the content
and you're good to go!


Dentist Video

Dentistry is a HUGE industry with a LOT of money going towards advertising.

It's time to take your slice of the pie with this high quality video that's going to blow your prospects away!

Personal Trainer

This high quality pre-made video is ideal for targeting personal trainers.

Personal trainers are well known for investing in advertising – and this is a perfect video (and an easy sell for you) for their business!

Roofer Video

The roofing industry is a quickly growing industry due to the increased population and houses, and the fact that a lot of houses are now old and need repairs.

This is the perfect way to cash in and be ahead on the industry that's EXPLODING

Each Video Includes Professional Voice-Over in...

Each video has been CUSTOM MADE with professional copy, strong call to actions and ready for you to sell as your own. Earn MORE money with LESS work (Always a good thing).

This alone is well worth 100x the asking price and will give you a good step up if video marketing is new to you... or you just want to do less work.

Put simply...

This is the ONLY website you're going to need to start growing your video marketing agency.

But that's not all...

I don't just want to give you the keys to the kingdom – I want to make sure the kingdom runs smoothly for you
which is why I am going to be including WORLD CLASS SUPPORT.

That's right... my entire team is on hand to help you
succeed every single step of the way.

Now... Don't just take my word for how amazing my themes are

See what Our customers SAY ABOUT Our THEMES

Dr. Ben

Wicked COOL. Theme Rabbit themes by Jason X are awesome. His themes
offer the easiest backend interface. I'm super excited. Support is amazing.
I highly recommend Theme Rabbit. Thanks a lot Jason.

Anthony Aires

Jason X always put out solid stuff I've invested in lots of themes and local asset packages and totally love them I keep coming back for more.

Paul James

Hey Jason just wanted to say I really appreciate what you're putting out into the IM community. Your Wordpress themes are killer!! Keep up the great work.

What I'm offering you here
today is immensely powerful.

I'm giving you the ability to start your own Video Agency, with all the payment and auto responder integration needed, with just a few clicks.

Seriously... a few clicks and you'll have a complete, profitable, business up and running.

Can you say, WOW?

Now – because of the HUGE value
I'm offering here... you're probably expecting
the price point to match... right?

Well luckily for you – you'd be wrong.

If you jump in today – you'll get the full Theme,
the world class support and all the integrations... along with
an UNLIMITED license to use this on as MANY SITES as you want...

...all for just $27

That's right - $27 for a complete business solution.

Jump in NOW – and I look forward to seeing your video
marketing business grow and hearing many success stories!

VidHit - Premium Video Consultant Theme

Money Back Guaranteed

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
No Questions Asked

To your success,

Jason X

P.S. You could have your own video agency up and running in just 30 minutes from now... what's holding you back?

P.P.S. There is ZERO coding knowledge or tech knowledge needed... you have full step-by-step guides and a world class support team on hand to help you every step of the way!